Nuts at Bloom Ranch have just-harvested freshness!

just-harvested freshness!

Our snack-sized nut packages are sealed to ensure that when they arrive at your doorstep, they are as fresh as the day they were harvested.

Bloom Ranch Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Trail Mix and more!

The Bloom Ranch is located in western Yolo County, California where the growing conditions are ideal for walnuts and almonds. We take pride in being the 7th generation Bloom family of farmers in the Capay Valley. This pride is the drive that guides us through being the sole participants in the many facets of orchard management. Each time we plant, irrigate, prune, mow, fertilize, harvest, hull, and shell nuts we have our customers' families in mind. As farmers, we know how much more flavor and nutrients nuts have immediately after harvesting. That is why we want you to also experience this luxury by putting our products direct from our hands to yours.

What's New on the Ranch:

- Added walnut shelling video click here
- Reduced shipping rates for bulk ordersclick here
- New packaging of snack-size products click here

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